MELIHAT kepada BOOK TRUCK di Jepun, terasa sangat mudah untuk berniaga buku di jalanan.

Cuba lihat apa dan bagaimana BOOK TRUCK (Jepun) beroperasi.







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[September, October of opening information]
in September of BOOK TRUCK that has been decided now, we have put together the opening information of October. Thank you very much. ※ events that are “unpublished” is those that are not yet public information.
2015/9/12 (Sat) the sun and the starry sky of NEWLAND (Kumagai)
2015/9/13 (Sun) the sun and the starry sky of NEWLAND (Kumagai)
2015/9/19 (Sat) Loppis Ueda (Ueda)
2015/9/20 (Sun) Roppongi book festival (Roppongi)
2015/9/21 (Monday holiday) Roppongi book festival (Roppongi)
2015/9/25 (gold) pop-up shop (Tokyo)
2015/9/26 (Sat) pop-up shop (Tokyo)
2015/9/27 (Sun) pop-up shop (Tokyo)
2015/10/2 (gold) unpublished (Tama Plaza)
2015/10/3 (Sat) unpublished (Tama Plaza)
2015/10 / 4 (Sun) unpublished (Tama Plaza)
2015/10/11 (Sun) unpublished (Daikanyama)
2015/10/12 (Monday holiday) unpublished (Daikanyama)
2015/10/25 (Sun) Akasaka flea market (Akasaka)
2015/10/31 (? Sat) undisclosed (Jimbo-cho)

2 Comments to BOOK TRUCK (JAPAN)

  1. Bernard Lee says:

    I like your truck and courage to start up a book truck.
    May I know what is the brand of your truck? It is very beautiful.

  2. Bernard Lee says:

    I didn’t read carefully.
    I thought this webpage owned by the book truck (blue truck) from japan.

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